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About me

From 2010 to 2016 he worked in two large web studios in the city of Odessa. This means that you will receive a high-quality, modern product, the quality of which is confirmed by my experience, which will compete in its niche, and in some moments will far surpass similar products.

If you want to get a quality website as soon as possible, go to the site with ready-made solutions, select the necessary topics and the next day you can use the solutions for your business.

And if you have not found the solution you need, then on this site you can order 5 types of solutions for you and your business:

  • business card - information is placed on one page without going to secondary;
  • business - a multi-page site where the number of pages will be limited only by your requests;
  • Landing Page - a page selling either your services or products is ideal if you have limited information;
  • catalog - advertise your products by dividing them into categories for quick access, ideal for working with wholesale buyers, while your competitors will not bother you with price calls;
  • store - a full-fledged product with basic functions (basket, favorites, payment, delivery, personal account); can also be used as a catalog by disabling the product purchase function.

All of the above options have a convenient, intuitive admin panel, which minimizes working with me. As practice shows, customers turn in most cases to improve their site. I am always happy to suggest and propose modern ideas that would ideally fit into the overall structure of the site. Indeed, regardless of changes in the structure of a particular page, it should be harmonious for perception. The site is like a car. This is your status.

The choice is yours! The main thing is that this choice be informed.

Ordering a modern, responsive website for mobile devices, you get 10 pages content, a training lesson, technical support.

Key Benefits:

  • fast site loading;
  • ready adaptation for mobile devices;
  • perfect "clean code", complete control of the site code;
  • integration of completely different designs separately for the mobile version, separately for the tablet and separately for the computer version of the site, which gives full control over the blocks needed to display in order to improve the usability of the site;
  • a unique arrangement of elements in the administrative panel, which gives you access to any necessary information in two clicks;
  • creation of absolutely unique pages, regardless of their number, in just a few clicks without involving a programmer;
  • flexibility in creating pages and building blocks (in the process of creating a site blocks with different content are programmed, with which you can later create various kinds of pages);
  • convenience of the administrative panel (all information is filled within one page, regardless of the complexity of the structure of the displayed information);
  • tremendous time saving during filling (availability of necessary add-ons);
  • simple extensibility of the functional part by adding the necessary blocks and modules;
  • the ability to quickly edit the necessary information through the installed modules;
  • the ability to upload information to the site through the import-export module;
  • simple addition of additional fields for certain pages without working with a database;
  • all manipulations (working with files, creating additional fields) take place directly inside the admin panel;
  • the ability to create all kinds of blocks without the intervention of a programmer (with minimal knowledge of HTML, CSS);
  • full control over the SEO component of the site;
  • periodic updates with improvements to basic functions;
  • Russian-language technical support, forum, Telegram channel.

When ordering a website, each client will receive a BONUS!

In my work, I try to combine quality work, modern technology and an affordable price.

All sites are hosted on cutting-edge hosting: SSDs, the ability to optimize the site (speed up the site), site backups, antivirus, mailbox creation.

As a result, you will receive a high-quality site that can compete on a par with sites, much more expensive than the proposed value. After the project is completed, you will have a modern website that meets the latest trends in the Internet market. The site will be adapted for mobile devices, which will positively affect the promotion in popular search engines in the future.

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We bring to your attention modern design solutions based on ready-made options.


Полнофункциональный инструмент для продажи чего угодно и куда угодно. По Украине или же по всему миру.


Если у Вас есть интересная продукция, но Вы пока не хотите заниматься магазинной рутиной, то этот вариант для этого подойдет как никакао другой.


Самая простая структура сайта - меню и текстовая информация. Необходимые элементы для презентации фирмы, для личного сайта.

Landing Page

Если Вы хотите что-то быстро продать или же хотите описать работу Вашей компании с услугами и тарифами, то это идеальный вариант.

Business card

Одна страница без пунктов меню. Вполне подойдет, чтобы презентовать важную информацию.

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